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Originally Posted by Rzeppa View Post
I am still curious what the name of whatever pass put us back into the Atlantic drainage - when we went over Loveland pass we went into the Pacific drainage, and when we went over Georgia pass we went into the Pacific drainage again, so somewhere in there we crossed back into the Atlantic. Dan, you had the maps, do you know what it might have been?

In relation to this picture we were traveling right to left over Georgia pass. We really only crossed the divide twice: Loveland and Georgia. Webster Pass crosses the divide, which seems kind of weird because the top of Radical Hill is so much higher, looking down on Webster. But the divide does what it wants. Case in point: the giant mountain in the background of the picture above.

Of course, Kenosha "Pass" is not on the divide. I suspect the miners back in the day had a "pass" name for the Swan River trails we were on up top. I did a little websearch and found pretty much nothing.
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