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Originally Posted by waggoner5 View Post
Sounds like +50k to me, although a build like this has been high on my radar for a long time. Mike and I even met with Aqualu to see if they would build bodies to bolt onto 80 chassis for us. Although expensive, it seemed like a sellable truck. Aqualu doesnt build tops or doors so you would be on your own on that stuff. I put a pencil to the Aqualu route and figured a truck built with all toyota parts would cost close to 70k to build the way I would want.
Yeah, I'd be on a much tighter budget doing things that I could and making decisions based on budget. It would get close to what I'd want, I know the level you build to and it is second to none. Thanks for the real world advice. I am thinking of a bit of a shade tree project.

Thanks Gary. I was sad to see that your last project was totaled. Glad you are all safe!
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