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Originally Posted by cbmontgo View Post
Great pics guys and great discussion.

My '76 FJ40 vapor locks terribly during the summer. I have thought about going with the inline electric fuel pump as well. When I shut down the engine after driving this time of year, the fuel vaporizes and takes about 30 minutes to cool down and turn back into liquid. Then I can start it and drive right off again. Very annoying sometimes.

When you guys take your carbureted rigs on these trail runs (like the 40s only run), is this not an issue with nearly every truck with the original OEM setup?
I have never had either of my 40s stall while driving, but my '71 will occasionally be difficult to start at high elevation within 2-15 minutes after being shut down and is being heat soaked. If it is less than about 2 minutes, or greater than about 15 minutes then it is fine.
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