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Default Winch spindle brake

I have a Mile Marker winch that stopped the power out function. I started looking in to solenoid malfunction, but all checked out OK. If I swapped the leads going to the motor, I still could only get the winch to power in. I could free-spool the cable out alright, but still wanted to have the power out, as I feel it's an important function to have.

After tearing apart the planetary gear stack several times, and finding good clean lube, and no missing teeth on the gears, I finally started looking at the spindle. I have never opened up a winch before, so didn't know what I was looking for, but figured since it was already not functioning properly, I had nothing really to lose.

I tapped the drive shaft assembly from the spindle, and found two springs with broken ends on the inside of the brake shoes. Flipping the springs changed the direction the spindle would move under power, so I knew I found the problem.

I removed the springs from the brake assembly and the winch powers smoothly in both directions once again.

My question...How dangerous (if at all) is it to have the brake disconnected? I'm not sure of the gear reduction on the winch, but has to be pretty great seeing the little 12 volt motor will achieve 9000 lbs of pull.

I emailed Mile Marker about the part, as they have a different looking brake posted on their website, but have yet to receive a reply.

Sorry about the longwindedness of this post, just looking for your opinion about the brake...
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