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I thought this was a good deal:

Toyota 5.29 Brand New Yukon Gears/Install Kit $300

...but $250, for 2, wow!

I was saving for those but yesterday I traded my xrc8 winch for an open 5.29 3rd. I put the 5.29 LSD I got from baja1d, in the back, last night. Oh it's soooo nice, and my A340 is a lot happier now. I'm only on 32's, but 5.29's feel great and it's nice to know I'm geared to go to 35's in the future. For such a foundational upgrade, I'd stick to looking for 5.29's. I just need to get the front in now, I'm like a 2wd guy, for the moment. And I need spacers for the front now since I used the IFS rear.
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