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5.29's would be ideal for you on the highway with 35's. I'm pretty sure you have stock 4.56's gears now. So a jump to 4.88's if you stay with 33's might be fine. So it depends what size tires you want to end up with. IMO 35's will create further issues requiring many more mods.

I went from from stock 4.10's to 4.56's for the highway and that seems to work fine. But, I have a V6.

Originally Posted by BournID View Post
I found a set of rear and front R&P's Yukon 4.88 (never install) with all new bearings and races for $250. Probably will still need some kind of overhaul kits for shims and such( not very knowledgeable about diffs).

Am I really saving that much to grab this or should I wait and buy the 5.29s

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