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Originally Posted by rover67 View Post
please don't try to fill something with acetylene and think that it won't blow up just because it displaced the oxygen.... it won't work actually.

It don't need no o2 to pop. (redneck voice)

you ever tried it?

pretty impressive.

very unstable in gaseous form.

My comment was intended to be very, VERY much in jest. All the years I was in regulatory affairs doing compliance work, among the things I had to do was all our explosion-proof designs. In CSA and in NFPA stuff, the reference gas was always acetylene, as in, the most explosive, destructive gas you could frigging come up with. As in, even more than pure hydrogen.

Look at it cross-eyed and it will blow up. BOOM!

My good buddies from the Lone Star Land Cruisers in Texas told me stories about how you can take a big a$$ trash bag, fill it up with acetylene from Joe-Bob's welding rig, stuff it into Daisy-May's old abandoned washing machine we dumped down there in the hollar, and when we shoot at it with our deer rifles and that there washer would shoot a hundred feet up in the air! Yee haaaaaa!
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