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Default Bad/ Intermittent Fan Clutch

Drove all the way to Kelly Flats for a family run ( 3 Runners), conquered Heart Attack Hill, and then she overheats.

Saw a loose heater hose( steam coming out), re-clamped it, topped off the coolant and started engine. Wish we would have closed the hood before we started her back up, because that is when we saw that the radiator fan was not turning. Let it cool down some more, tried turning the fan by hand and it just wouldn't turn clockwise.

So we turned around, heading back down hill and to the safety of highway driving without a fan. I watched the temp the whole way and it held steady. Got down to bottom, opened the hood and the fan was working just fine.

Question: Was it the loose hose that caused the overheating and the fan was working as engineered or did the intermittent fan cause the hose to pop a misplaced clamp?

Time for a new fan clutch Justi n case??? I have read that they are suppose to turn smoothly with the engine off??


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