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Default Advance Adapters or Marks 4wd V8 Adapter?

I’m in the middle of a frame off restore on my 72’ FJ40 and I’ve come to a dilemma on which adapter to use with a mild SBC 350 & Toy 4spd. I’ve currently have both adapters in my possession, but can’t decide which one to use?

I like the AA kit as I can place the motor wherever I want. The downside is that I’ll need to shorten or lengthen the drive shafts, fab a new rear crossmember to support the tranny/transfercase, and possibly bend or modify the 4spd Toyota shifter handle.

What I like about the Marks kit is that it keeps the tranny/transfercase in the stock position which eliminates the need to modify the driveshafts, it also has rear tranny mounts coming off the bellhousing and would eliminate the need to fab a new rear crossmember. The biggest downside I see is the engine being pushed forward more which makes it a little tighter for the fan and radiator, not sure which kind of fan I’ll be running yet? I’ve also heard some folks had vibration issues with the Marks adapter.

If you owned the both, which one would you run?
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