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Default Cleaning seat upholstery fabric

I found some filthy, but relatively intact FJ60 seats to swap into my FJ62. I plan to remove the OEM seat fabric/vinyl covers (and internal wires) to clean them.

On Mud, there are many ideas for how to clean seats, and the suggestions were:
  • Don't put it in the washing machine - too hard on the stitching
  • Use stain stick and then soak in a tub with laundry detergent and hand scrub
  • Use a power washer (can't see how this would work?)

It seems a like a short, gentle machine cycle (checked frequently) would not destroy the covers. Any other suggestions or first-hand experience? I can't believe that laundry detergent will get these clean....they don't have axle grease on them, but are crusty with major sweat and dirt and 25+ years.

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