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Originally Posted by Corbet View Post
I've had 2 Cruisers with SBC and the OEM 4-speed. Personally I would not use the OEM trans if I were to ever do it again. I'd use something with an overdrive. Personally it would be an auto. Just my .02.

Both mine used the AA stuff.
I have no doubt there are better engine/tranny/tcase combos out there than what I'm going to be running. I appreciate the suggestion!

The problem is that I'm trying to complete this build on a somewhat tight budget. I pretty much already have everything I'll need to complete this swap including an extra H42 and 4spd Tcase, incase I grenade mine. The thought of changing directions right now kind of bums me out as I really want to get the FJ40 back on the road. I've also already rebuilt the tcase and cleaned up and resealed the tranny. The cruiser originally had a SBC & 3spd tranny, using the 4spd with synchronized gears will be a step up in itself.

The main reason I got this FJ40 was so that I could teach my son basic auto mechanics, he'll be 15 in a couple of weeks and getting his permit soon. We're both having a great time with this build so far.

The FJ will primarily be used for street cruising and mild wheeling. No long highway travels where overdrive would be real beneficial. I've got a feeling this won't be my last FJ40 build.
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