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Originally Posted by Dirt Claude View Post
I have no doubt there are better engine/tranny/tcase combos out there than what I'm going to be running. I appreciate the suggestion!
No worries. My two biggest regrets with my 60 build was using a carbed SBC rather than TBI. And using a ranger overdrive/stock 4 speed rather than a TH700r4.

Originally Posted by rover67 View Post
Make sure you study driveshaft angles and how they work before setting the engine position. I didn't understand that when i did my swap and had to redo things.
Definitely remember this.

The exhaust is another thing to have pretty well thought out before deciding on engine location. I crossed under my oil pan on the 60 to work it into a single exit. We did not get the cross pipe close enough and the diff would just touch it even with a 2" lift. My 40 had dual dumping out the sides. Clearances were good but the side pipes were loud.
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