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Originally Posted by smslavin View Post
And he drives a Jeep...

I just found this description.

That talks about leaving from Waldorf or Santiago, climbing Edwards then down to the ridge that goes up Gray's. Is that the route you wanted? Sounds like a much less used route which would be nice on a weekend.

You want to double up and summit Torreys too?

I'll tell Bec today that I'm planning on doing this. If I leave the house at 4, I probably could be at Waldorf by 6ish. Is that an early enough start or do you want to go earlier?
The route i'm looking at is different from that description. We would drive to the top of McClellan MT and the end of the line for the Argentine Central, from there, head (westish?) towards Gray's Peak.

My main reason for doing this is historical rather than peak bagging. Wanting to document with the camera, the proposed extension for the Argentine Central.

Still would be fun to have you along.

And if theres enough vehicles/people at the top of McClellan, would love to re create a photo there.

Originally Posted by subzali View Post
The point is Perry wants to follow the route that was to be the extension of the argentine central to grays peak. Not a standard route for present day peak bagging by any means. Slavin, you would be booking it to be at Waldorf from boulder in two hours
Matts correct.

Originally Posted by MDH33 View Post
Wow, Deleted my post. Suggestions not allowed apparently.
Causing trouble again Martin

Originally Posted by subzali View Post
Sorry guys, didn't mean to come off snippy, I guess typing on the phone is even worse than with a keyboard

Nothing wrong with any way to get to the top of grays peak, it just seemed like there were questions about the route perry was intending on tackling and I was trying to help clarify. Sorry about that
Thanks Matt.

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