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Originally Posted by bh4rnnr View Post
The route i'm looking at is different from that description. We would drive to the top of McClellan MT and the end of the line for the Argentine Central, from there, head (westish?) towards Gray's Peak.

My main reason for doing this is historical rather than peak bagging. Wanting to document with the camera, the proposed extension for the Argentine Central.

Still would be fun to have you along.
wandering with a camera for a day would be totally fine. haven't been doing that enough lately and i need to find my way back. work has me on a very very short fuse lately and this would be a great zen moment before heading to BFE texas for a few days of fun with some oil field roughnecks...

still waiting on hall pass approval. should have it today.

Originally Posted by subzali
Sorry guys, didn't mean to come off snippy
no worries. didn't take it that way.
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