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Steve and Suzie took some photos and are submitting a write up about the run to Toyota Trails.

I'm posting a few pictures below, can the drivers please post up or PM your names and some details about your vehicle for the article? I'm terrible with names! Thanks!

I got a picture of almost everyone going through the 2nd water crossing.

Steve H.and daughter Laura 1978 FJ40

Pighead and Ige G. 1962 FJ40

Tim N and daughter Victoria 1972 FJ40

Mike D.

Dave K.

Matt R. 1976 FJ40

Terry H.

Steve and Suzie 1977 FJ40

Jim S. 1977 FJ40

Shawn C. 1977 FJ40

Abe R. 1983 HJ47 RHD



Ricardo M. 1971 FJ40

Martin H. 1973 FJ40

Smurf blue 40 with the hard top (didn't get a better pic):
Steve 1969 FJ40


'85 FJ60
'91 Pickup

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