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The internets says you can do this with a broken display. I am not familiar with the Pixi but the only step that looks like it is on the touchscreen is the 'export', but maybe there is a button for that.

This is how to get you contacts from your Palm PRE or Pixi. You can create a .csv file to import into most email programs.
• Open phone dialer on PRE or Pixi
• Type ##66623#
• Click on Export
• This creates the export file (.CSV)….The more contacts you have the longer it takes
• Connect your USB cable to the computer and also to the PRE when it prompts you too.
• Click on the USB Drive on your pre to mount to computer
• Once mounted on your computer, open windows explorer and the Palm PRE
• Find the folder called temp and open it
• You will find a file called PmMigration (this is the CSV file)
• Drag to your documents folder on your computer (PRE Backup folder) if you have one
• Use this file to import your contacts into Gmail, Yahoo, Hotmail or Outlook
• When you’re done Eject your Palm pre or safely remove hardware and then disconnect pre
• Your done….
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