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I have fielded a bunch of PM's and texts this morning about running Red Cone instead of SHG. It seems like that's what everyone wants to do.

Here's my plan....

We will meet at the same location/same time. If EVERYONE is willing/able/capable of safely running Red Cone, than I am up for that. We will make a group decision at the meetup. If our group is split, than I will stay behind and run the original plan of Slaughterhouse with whoever wants to do that and the others can run Red Cone. I don't want anyone feeling left out and I'm happy to run SH as that was the plan.

Red Cone is probably questionable this time of year in a stock vehicle. Some sections will be rutted and deep enough to cause damage without at least sliders.

Sliders and 33s are plenty. We'll stack rocks in the one or two places that might need it if anyone is uncomfortable. Otherwise, the trail is very doable.
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