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Congrats on a nice looking rig. Tractors hold their value well, too, and a clean one can be re-sold quickly to a perceptive buyer. Parts are cheap, as you said - I think oil pan gaskets were under $5 for mine.

I have a '58 Massey Ferguson and the floating blade system of the Ferguson design results in smooth road grading. My Farmall Super A (while a great tractor) left the road looking all hacked up.

Safety note - these things can kill you. I have read of several cases where the rear tires were frozen into the ground (during winter - tractor left outside) and the driver popped the clutch in 1st and drove the tractor around and on top of himself. The proper approach if the wheels are frozen is to try to free the tractor using reverse gear only. In addition, I always leave my back-blade attached, to act as a wheelie-bar for my tractor - that can help save your bacon.

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