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Default BOWAGWR - Red Cone Thread

Yeah.... two threads, one run.

There were 8 of us total meeting at King Soopers. Even though it was already 1pm, half of the group wanted to run Red Cone instead of Slaughterhouse. The other half was split and willing to run either. MountanGoat, Big Country and I had already been on Slaughterhouse 4 or 5 times together this year, while Rzeppa hadn't been there in a few years. The decision was made that we'd run 2 groups. Red Cone and Slaughterhouse.

Certainly not the "traditional" BOWAGWR, but a great day was had by all and that's all that really matters. Dan (MountainGoat) had a great point by saying.... "I think the main reason for the poor turnout is because it's late in the season. On the usual date more people are itching to get out after the winter doldrums" Makes sense. That, coupled with the fact that many folks have run SH at least once by this late in the season makes it less desirable.

In any case, 4 of us set off for Red Cone at 2pm from King Soopers. Big Country, MtnAddict, Baja1d and myself. After airing down and the usual chit-chat that comes along with that process, we were moving up the trail by 3pm under cloudy skies. Baja1d (Travis) in his bikini topped and built 40 was preparing for a wet afternoon. The large rock obstacle about 1/2 mile in was nothing compared to the last time we ran it. This is where Sarah Romer blew the front tire and a Jeep had to winch over just a few weeks ago. Someone stacked a bunch of rocks and made it uneventful. No one even touched a bumper, slider or skid plate.

As we climbed the switchbacks into the trees, the skies opened up...... not with rain, but with glorious sunshine! Blue skies greeted us just as we broke treeline. The temperature actually rose as we arrived at the meadow. T-shirts and shorts at 4pm above 11k feet is a great thing! We ended up chatting and rehydrating for over an hour right there.

As we started up the hill, I eyed the section to the left of the "Y" that I lost the ring gear on just a few weeks ago. It was a good feeling to reach down and flip the compressor on, then flip the locker on...... but I stayed to the right. I had the feeling of "tonight's not the night to redeem myself". I had my twins with me, it was getting late, we were having a great run...... that line isn't going anywhere. I'll get it next time when it feels right. There is no line through there that you don't smack something.

We reached the summit under sunny skies with some pretty serious storms off in the distance. Thankful for the sun and the 65 degrees, we stopped for pics and time to enjoy the view. The descent was uneventful but fun and we were greeted by real Mountain Goats at the bottom (Not the Dan Kucera type, but the fluffy white ungulates). Webster Pass is in great shape, maybe the best I've ever seen it. It still has some really tight spots though. MtnAddict and I just did Black Bear 10 days ago, and Webster has tighter sections than BB does.

We were off the trail by 7pm and all satisfied and hungry. By the time everyone aired up, we hit JJ Madwells at 8pm for dinner. A really great day!
I'm sorry our group of 8 ended up as 2 groups of 4, but everyone was able to enjoy themselves and Blow Off Work And Go Wheelin'!
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