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Originally Posted by Inukshuk View Post
What's involved in that?

Have you rebuilt the PS pump? Its easy. Internal leaks also cause cavitation and PS power loss.
I have rebuild the pump within the last year or so.

Not much involved in pulling the box and sending it. Essentially removal of the low and high pressure lines from the top of the steering box, remove the ujoint lower steering shaft bolts, remove 4 bolts that hold the box on, remove the TRE.

Then I just drained as much fluid as I could, put it in a 5 gallon bucket with the pitman arm still attached (I couldn't pull it) and send it off to Texas with a sheet with work requested, address, etc. West Texas offroad has been floating around 'Mud for a while as a good place to send the box to. The price was VERY good and after chatting with both the front desk and the Tech, I was pretty impressed with them.

I initially had a bit of play in the box, not much leaking, but the play was kind of killer on the highway. I put this in my instruction sheet for them, and the guy called me back saying there wasn't much play in the box, but there was NO preload on it. This was after I had adjusted the set screw by about 1/2 turn, and then decided to let the experts mess with it so I didn't screw it up

Originally Posted by powderpig View Post
Just make sure the ATF is spec'd for Power steering pressures, I know that Dex/Mercon 4 is not spec'd for the high pressures of power steering systems, that is why most Toyota PS systems still spec Dex/Mercon 3.
Good to know, thanks Robbie! I checked Valvoline's spec sheet for the dex6 and didn't see any info, so I sent them a quick email asking about that.
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