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Default Tundra CrewMax?

About a week or so ago, I saw some photos of the Tundra CrewMax that Demello had taken to the FJ Summit. Then I looked up some Tundras on ExPo. Unfortunately, it got me thinking about possibilities I probably shouldn't be thinking about.

Anyway, how would a truck that size perform on trails around here? I never really see anything that big when I'm out. I'm not into crazy gnarly rock crawling type stuff. I generally stick to the green and blue trails in the FunTreks books. On occasion, I might do a red. Main goal is just exploring with my camera and/or the family.

I love my FJ but I'm thinking about the switch mostly for interior size. The girls very rarely want to go anywhere in the FJ because of the small back seat and windows. And, there's no way to get them and two 85 lb dogs into it. The girls are just going to keep growing and I honestly can't imagine three teenage girls in the back seat of an FJ. I might as well just shoot myself now.

Current thought is to find an '09 or '10 CrewMax. All I want is 4x4 and a sunroof as it would all change anyway. Wouldn't do anything crazy on the suspension, 3" lift and 35s or 37s (with a slight chop on the body mounts up front).

The FJ is almost paid for so I may just be totally insane on this whole idea of starting over. We do spend quite a bit of time downtown but I very rarely drive the FJ down. We were also thinking of moving down that way but we're holding off on that for awhile and it may not happen. Neither Bec nor I are very excited about doing that.

It's all just daydreaming at the moment but I thought I'd get a reality check from the collective.
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