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Way too big for a trail truck, IMO. Yeah you could eventually get it through, but you'll be pin striping the sides and/or widening the trail in the process. Did those guys at the Summit take one down Black Bear? I couldn't imagine what that must have felt like if so... I guess it could be done, I dunno..

But I could see having one for most of your camping/expo uses, then have more of a dedicated wheeler for the tighter/more difficult trails? This is what you're talking about, right?

edit: Answered my own question... wow

Fred and this is according to 8 Toyotas behind me I hung a front tire off in a couple switchbacks. Thank God my bed had so much weight in it so as to keep the rear planted. I also managed to pivot on my sliders at least once. Got home today and I have several new pin stripes to work with but luckily no real damage. Looking forward to next year.

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