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Originally Posted by nakman View Post
Did those guys at the Summit take one down Black Bear? I couldn't imagine what that must have felt like if so... I guess it could be done, I dunno..
Demello didn't go down Black Bear. I think he stayed around Alpine Loop, Ophir and Imogene. Hell, I won't even do Black Bear in my FJ. No desire. This is the one he put together.

Originally Posted by Nakman
But I could see having one for most of your camping/expo uses, then have more of a dedicated wheeler for the tighter/more difficult trails? This is what you're talking about, right?
Yes sort of. That's a little more bro brah flat biller on the side of things for me. If I were going to roll 20s or 22s, I'd have to start wearing some sport team's tank 3 sizes too big and my shorts down around my knees.

I'm thinking more along the lines of one of these.

Originally Posted by DaveInDenver
How I Learned To Stop Worrying And Love The Colorado Pinstripes
Not worried about pin striping. That's all part of the fun. The FJ has plenty from the SoCal desert and up here.

I know they're big and girthy. I'd like to still be able to get around places like Kingston, Mosquito Pass, Argentine, Chihuahua Gulch, Loch Lomond, Bill Moore, etc. I've got to look up some measurements and see how much wider they are than an FJ. Then I need to drive one. I'm imagining it's going to be pretty close to the size of the Sequoia but with a bed.

Still just daydreams but I am intrigued. Thanks for your inputs.
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