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Originally Posted by gr8fulabe View Post
Hey 'Root,
I can't help with the rear view mirror, but what's the full story on the side view mirror? I have one just like it, that I've had in a box of parts forever, and always assumed I was missing a part, since I couldn't figure out how to mount it to my 76. Is it specific to earlier trucks than mine? Is it OEM? Any other knowledge you can share would be much appreciated.
To answer your question, the early style just happens to match up with the windshield hinges. You can put the early style there even though Toyota never offered it that way to my knowledge. Up until 8/76, a '76 would have had the mirrors that bolt to the door hinge. Your doors would not have the bolt holes unless it was later than 8/76 production. All the early ones were painted the body color. Starting with the hinge style ('68) they all were pewter.

If you have a long arm and not the shorty style, I'll gladly trade you a new OEM shorty for the one you have.

Early style short arm bolted to windshield hinge
Name:  166-01_i-big.jpg
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Early style short arm bolted to the cowl - has the correct curve where the mirror attaches to the arm.
'64 to '68
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This is the correct arm and mirror head for an FJ25. The arm is much longer and the end that attaches to the mirror isn't curved. I am going to assume the early 40s used this style until stock was used up at the plant.
'58 to '63?
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There were two flavors with the later pictured here. The early, 1958 to 1963?, were longer arms. The short arms are still available new from Toyota as are the mirror heads (round and square). You can't see the curved end in this pic. I am guessing these are aftermarket and not OEM.
'64 to '68
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'68 to 8/76
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8/76 to 1984 - The bolt holes in the later thick doors showed up in 8/76 as well. Thick doors, without the provision for the mirror head, were the style above bolted to the hinges.
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