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Originally Posted by baja1d View Post
60 MPH is all she's got on the flats & generally floored. With the 35's I figure that's about 65. I'm not sure I would have ever hit 5th gear. Furthermore, my rear driveshaft is 19" with the crawl box & flipped springs. Can't imagine how short it would be with the H55 + Crawler
That makes sense. H55Fs are pretty long for a shorty 40 and an F series motor (they fir better with a V8 that you can move way up to the front). What ratio are you running in the diffs? Stock 4.11? I had 4.11s in my HZJ75 with 35s, and the overdrive was nice on the flat or downhill, but you could forget about being able to go uphill in 5th. Pretty similar in the wagon with 3.70 and 33s. But it sure was nice to be able to drive to Moab and back and be able to cruise at the posted speed limit for most of the 75 MPH sections.
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