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Originally Posted by AxleIke View Post
Huh, not too sure, I didn't look. I did see some paint on them, so I'll see if I can check on that. One was longer than the other, which was perfect, because I stuck it on the driver side which has the fuel tank, me, and the hinge and everything is on that side, so the truck sits nice and level.
I ask because apparently there is a wide swing in how much lift you get depending on which spring you use:

"The FJ80 Landcruiser Spring
a cheap effective way to achieve a good amount of lift and flex is to install FRONT springs from a FJ80 (1991-1997) Landcruiser in the REAR of the 3rd gen.

7 wrap is about 3-3.5" of lift
8 is about 4"
9 is about 5"

Height of spring/color code/wraps

21" Blue Pink White 9.25 wraps
21" Grey Orange White 9.25 wraps
20.25" Blue Yellow White 8.75 wraps-one of these is a confirmed LX450
19.5" Green Yellow White 8.25 wraps-one of these is a confirmed LX450
19.5" Purple Green White 8 wraps
19.25" Double Purple Dark Blue White 8 wraps
19" Double Pink Light Blue White 7.5 wraps
18.5" Double Pink Grey White 7.5 wraps
18 7/8" Orange Orange White 7.75 wraps

you can also use the OME 851, which is a lift spring for the FJ80. that usually gives about 6 inches of lift.

Pros: Cheap, lots of lift, flexes really well.
Cons: Will sag under load. ... "

The springs I took off my 80 are 18.5" Double Pink Grey White 7.5 wraps which will supposedly give me about 3" of lift (unloaded of course).

Also, good call on putting the longer one on the driver's side. That is the correct orientation.
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