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Originally Posted by TheDoc View Post
Tomorrow I hope to take delivery of a 1994 LC -- locked, "3 inch lift", sliders. While I am not yet a member of Rising Sun, I would like to explore joining and participate in the Ouray Run with my wife and 4 year old son. Boy, so many questions... I will definitely be hitting up the Rally this weekend and hope to meet some people and discuss what is "minimally" needed for hitting the trails. In the late 90s/early 2000s I owned a 71 FJ40. So, I have a little experience in wheeling. But that was in Oregon... very different terrain.

Anyway, just wanted to get in on this thread and hopefully learn more about where people are camping. Unfortunately, I have to work Friday, so I would either be arriving in Ouray LATE Friday or at 8am on Saturday. Look forward to hitting some trails.

Thanks, Matt
Welcome Matt!

Originally Posted by RidinDurty View Post
I just found this thread (I am not super computer savvy) and am excited to learn there will be Rising Sun Members in Ouray Labor Day weekend. I see there are two options for Saturday, I will do either. Black Bear pass on Sunday sounds PERFECT. My wife and I are excited to join everyone this coming Labor Day weekend and having some fun.
Looking forward to it!

Originally Posted by cool breeze View Post
Interested in joining you guys for this! Having only lived in co for two years i think we are failing at our job to see the beauty by not yet go to Ouray.

Is there any primitive camping around the places everyone else is camping that would be easily to meet up in the morning?
You'll love it!

Originally Posted by source3 View Post
I am in. Option 2 Saturday. Black Bear on Sunday. Will book a tent site at 4J today. Looking forward to meeting everyone.
Great opportunity to get to know some of the guys! Saturday 6PM - Pot Luck; At the 4J's group picnic area. Bring your own main dish and a side dish or dessert to share.

If you're attending the Rally, look me up this Saturday for any other questions.
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