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Default Air show monitoring

Has anyone ever successfully monitored an air show? W0IIN & I were at the Rocky Mountain one this past Sunday trying to listen in, and all we could get were the occasional announcement from the tower, despite a lot of web searching for the right frequencies...

I am wondering if they are all using a DCS tone? maybe that's why we couldn't hear them... BTW the Baofengs don't go down that low (118.600mhz) but the Yaesu radios do, though they (appropriately) don't allow transmitting.

This is the third year I've tried to listen into this, and haven't been successful yet. I'm hoping for real time, in the action, plane to plane coms.

"Red 6 checking in.. Red 4 checking in... Red 5 checking in... Wow look at the size of that thing!! Cut the chatter Red 5... "
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