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Originally Posted by bh4rnnr View Post
So i'm still finalizing the agenda... Things like: Do we meet up at/camp @ Bear Lake on Saturday then go from there, explore Montpelier etc.

Originally, I planned first nights camp along the Gray River, and check out the Dead Mans Mine. Though fun, a bit out of the way. Thinking now the first night will be in Jsckson. Looks to be a fun pass (RD 31000) coming in from HWY 89.

Green River Lakes along with some hot springs will be the early goodness of the trip.

Would be nice to get a headcount of who's still wanting to make the trip.

Planning on posting the final agenda for the week this weekend.

I was thinking the run started on the 6th. If we're meeting in Jackson on Sat. the 5th, that means leaving Friday the 4th for the 10-12 hr drive up there. Need to see if that's possible. 4th thru the 12th is a bunch of time.

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