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Originally Posted by DaveInDenver View Post
What made you change your mind? In the ATV thread when I brought up using a tractor instead of an ATV you had no interest and said you sold a tractor.
I started pricing used ATVs vs. used tractors... and comparing what is needed to do ag stuff with ATVs.

As soon as you get out of the golden Kubota timeframe ($x,xxx for abused junk, to $xx,xxx for decent shape), then go back in time to the 50s and even 40s, you find hardware that not only has stood the test of time even with minimal maintenance, but hardware that you can still get parts for, and cheaply, and it was made to be rebuilt without a lot of special equipment. There are numerous sites selling new and reproduction parts, and some have tractor graveyards for original parts.

OK... relatively cheaply... I am getting hooked on the idea of really restoring this thing, which starts to add up. Like an addiction... just how accurate do you go? Do you use Tract-O-Lite lights that are pretty close, or the exact reproductions that cost twice as much? On my side, the tractor just has a couple of mechanical issues that are pretty easily resolved. One of which is the common issue of rear seals leaking gear oil on the shoes, which is handily fixed by fitting an internal seal and throwing grease on the wheel bearing and calling it good - this was actually a service bulletin waaaay back in the day! So RE: restoring, I can do the go-slow method of financing... LOL. And I paid half or less than a fully restored tractor. I can do that myself, the motor is tight and the mechanicals are fine except for the aforementioned leak. It smokes a bit on acceleration, but due to primitive carburetion. Got that dialed in as close as the system allows. Amazingly dirty, these 40s motors. We really have come a long way.

The foot-locking diff came later than the 40s - 50s. The old school method of chains, and calcium carbide, works pretty well.

Rear blade as wheelie bar... Yeah it would be on there in winter anyway.
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