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Originally Posted by SteveH View Post
I would not do any kind of super-duper resto on a tractor you're doing to use - you will scratch up and damage any fine paint work, and most tractor buyers are looking for solid mechanics and appealing paint, but not 'period correct' resto type stuff. If this were a really exotic garage-queen tractor, then this rule might not apply. YMMV.
True until you get to the classic ones. But even then, function can override correctness. 6V systems vs. 12V conversions, for instance. I think the new lights sitting in the garage are close enough, and don't want to jump through hoops to get the 6V 'correct' lights functional at the same level.

Thinking about modernizing the carb too for the same reason. Not urgent, runs fine, if dirty.

I'm not gonna dump a TON on it, but I did get some decent paint, an inexpensive airbrush, and do want to fix the little dents here and there. Fender skins are $89 primed for instance... the hood is like $449 so I will be attempting to get it looking nice my own darn self. Started on it.

The two functional areas needing attention are the gear oil leak on brake shoes, and overhauling the steering box. All those parts on order... bushings from the states, a modern seal set to replace the rawhide seals, from England (like, twelve pounds fitty pence to buy and deliver them. Kinda expensive for seals, but not a frequent item since I will be replacing gear oil with grease in the steering box, which was a factory service bulletin 55 years ago ). It won't be horrendous. Having someone ELSE do it, would be.

Found a guy in Lyons who sold me an English harrow (chain harrow). It's the shiz for busting up horse manure dragging one way, even seeding prep dragging the other. I want to weld together a pipe arrangement so I can just lift it on the 3 point and move between pastures instead of unhooking all of it to avoid ripping up the driveway. Pretty much set now for implements.
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