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Originally Posted by nakman View Post
speaking of air shows, Fishy which one are you on mostly?

I'm sure everyone already knows....., but please remember how dangerous and illegal it would be to ever key up on one of these frequencies. Most radios will give you a "lock out" or "error" if you tried to key up, I don't think the Chinese HTs do that.

I am a TRACON controller. On any day I'll work the traffic in and out of Denver, Centennial, Metro (Jeffco), Fort Collins, Front Range.....etc. all those facilities except for Fort Collins have towers that control traffic on the ground and within 5 miles of their respective airports. Everything else is handled by us at the TRACON. Here's the frequencies I'm on everyday and the ones we really use.

126.1 all West Departures and Jeffco traffic
128.45 all South Departures and some APA arrivals/depts
132.75 all Centennial arr/deps (APA)
127.05 all North Departures and Ft Collins
128.25 all East Departures and Front Range
Some of these will be combined up during slower times and I may work 2 or 3 of them together.

Den Arrivals
120.35 from the southwest
119.3 from the northwest
124.95 from the northeast
126.55 from the southeast
These can be combined up as well. Typically these aircraft are worked from 23,000ft down to 11,000ft then handed off to the final controller

123.85 Final 1
120.8 Final 2
125.75 Final 3
133.62 Final 4
Final 1 and 2 are not direction specific but almost always staffed. We'll work this traffic from 13,000 down to about 7,000 or a 5 mile final before giving them to the tower who will just say "cleared to land" obviously, TRACON works much harder than tower
Final 3 and 4 are usually used for converging runway operations. For example....Final 1 and 2 could be working arrivals to runways 16 Left and 16 Right and Final 3 would work arrivals to Runway 26

There are some other frequencies we use, but these are the main ones and you'll almost always hear something.

Busy times
East Arrivals from the SE and NE gates
North and East Departures

Very busy arrivals from all arrival gates especially the NW and SW

Very busy East Departures (very very busy)

1-5pm small arrival/departure pushes that are over quickly on sunny days and last forever on crappy weather days

5-7pm busy departures especially North

7:30-9pm heavy cargo arrivals all gates

9:30-11pm busy West Departures and Moderate North and East Departures

11pm-1am depending on the days weather, could be busy at all areas or combined up to one area.

1am-6am sporadic arrivals/departures with a few busy times of cargo traffic
My voice is pretty distinct, you should be able to pick me out while I'm working. I have a trainee that I'm instructing right now, so I'm not talking as much as normal unless he does something stupid and I have to take over the frequency.

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