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Default Bill Moore Lake - Post Rally Run 8/25/13

We had a wonderful time! Ige and Pighead were in Anne, Ige's 1962 FJ40 on 28s, newcomer Matt was in his starting-to-be-built 2011 FJC, newcomer Dave was in his bone-stock FJC he just bought this week, and Paulo (he was at the last meeting and went on the 100s run) was in his 100. I was in Alice the FJ60.

Dave didn't have a radio so I loaned him my handheld. Ige and Pighead didn't have one either, but I only had one to hand out.

Anne had a minor carb issue at the trailhead which was resolved quickly, and another minor issue getting the front drive engaged, but after that she performed admirably and Pighead piloted the little open/open stock 40 admirably up the steep, loose rocks. They had to go fast through some of the mud puddles to get a good amount on the hood and fenders...

Dave did great for his first time out in his FJC. Both he and Matt were at the Rally and heard about the run there; well I know Dave did because I remember chatting with him. He's new to the area.

We made it to the lake a little late. I told the group we'd be there at noon, and it was 12:02 when we pulled into the parking lot. Instead of the usual hike, we ate at the parking area, headed out at about 1:00 and were airing up by 2:30. Traffic on I-70 wasn't bad at all and I made it home by about a quarter after three. All in all an excellent day!

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