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Originally Posted by cj007sd View Post
But please don't make this a service rivarly thing. I think all of us who have been there and done that and continue to do that, the last thing we want to spemd our free time discussing is this. My bad for signing off with a simple statement but I should of been smart enough to know it would tie some peoples' underwear and/or pannties in a knot. All the best and now back to the Land Cruisers!!
I doubt you tied Stan's undies in a knot He was a marine, once a marine always a marine

The services are all very different. Take the simple task of securing a building

The Navy would smack it with Tomahawks

The Marines would kick the door down and clear the building of all inhabitants

The Army would secure a perimeter around it and await for further orders

The Air Force would sign a one year lease with options

BTW - thank you for your service
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