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SInce I have seen combat with the MArines STA and the SeALs, I will agrree with you that is there is every a battle betwen the BIG countries the NAVY's tomahawks w/ nuclear arnement located of the coast of XYX county in one of our Boomer Submarines will be the 1st and last punch. Unfortunatley in this grunts eyes we spend all of this $$ (our tax dollars) And myself and others are not allowed to use almost any of it due to the ROE and when you have to clear room to room and cave to cave and hut to hut, technogly and our $$ can only help you out so far. BEST weapon every seen used Fallujah Nov 2004 Catipiler Armorered D9 Bulldozers (borrowed from Isreal) To run over everything and EVERYONE!
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