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Originally Posted by Fishy View Post
I'm sure everyone already knows....., but please remember how dangerous and illegal it would be to ever key up on one of these frequencies. Most radios will give you a "lock out" or "error" if you tried to key up, I don't think the Chinese HTs do that.
I can't speak for all Chinese radios, but the 2 that I own that work wouldn't get to the frequency outside the prescribed amateur band. I wasn't even able to monitor anything close to air traffic control, let alone attempt to key up.

Now the Yausu HT's (and mobile rigs) would allow monitoring, but they also give a TX Error should you attempt to key up. Yes there's a way around this, but it's not something I have done nor do I have any plans to do so.

Thanks for the channels Stan, I'm going to type a few of these in and listen in a bit.
82 fj40, 99 uzj100, 06 gx470

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