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Would it be solid front axel?

I think that would push me over the edge. I really want a pickup with a 4x4 camper on it, for Maze/Powel/Baja trips and Ski weekends. I have been looking at some of these chevy pick ups lately and thinking, hmm do they have solid front axels? Toyota reliability is great but a new Chevy has to be as reliable as a 20/30 year old Toyota, right? Diesel with solid front axel would be my perfect combo, no matter the manufacturer. Living in North America makes it virtually impossible to get the holy grail, 79 series.., at least before I am 74 years old..

Jeep is supposed to do this in 2014 for the Rubicon, so I have heard. They have it for the 2014 Grand Cherokee.. Read it in OJ.

Sell my LC and buy one of these, then I could see picking up a 40 for a project.
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