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Originally Posted by FlyGoat View Post
I've only done this loop once and it was in my stock it took awhile. I'm not sure how long it was though, so I would prob want to try to get out there by noon just in case. Plus I plan to stop at the "lake" crossing to fish for a while...Don't want to inconvenience you though, so you could always go on ahead.

Meet at Camp Dick 11:45-noonish? I'm good with earlier as well.

There is a chance I will have to pull my chute tomorrow morning though-I did something to my shoulder today and don't know what it will feel like 2morrow. Wish the 40 had power steering
This will be our first time on MSV and Coney Flats so not sure what to expect although, hopefully less trouble then you guys had last December. Bush ducks says you can't get through either, so we may want to be prepared to go out and back, rather then loop.

From Bushducks:
6/29/13 - The Trailridge Runners 4WD Club reviewed and then opened the Coney Flats 4WD road on June 29th. Trees have been removed.

6/16/13 - Gate is still closed at the Beaver Reservoir entrance. Trail has four downed trees across it between the gate and the lake. There isn't any snow that would effect travel once the gate is open.
Has any RS run these trails more recently? Anyway, Camp Dick at 11:45 to air down and roll out by 12:15, or when everybody is ready?
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