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Default MSV, Coney Flats 9/1

First of all, my apologies to FlyGoat. I made it up there but, 2&1/2 hours late. I saw a green 40 coming into Nederland just as we started north on 72. I thought that might be FlyGoat but, I did see 3, green 40's out there yesterday, was one you?

So my family and I were solo again due to our tardiness and not giving much notice planning the trip. We aired down in the parking lot before Middle St. Vrain starts. A Jeep TJ & a FJ80 began the trail right before us. About 1/2 mile in, the Wrangler was broke and the 80 was waiting for it. The 80 had a TLCA sticker. Anyway, I asked about the problem to see if we could help but he said all they need was a leaf spring, which I did not have for them, so we continued on.

I'm not a native but, I've lived in Colorado since 92. I originally came from Washington/Oregon. I have never seen Colorado so wet. There were mushrooms and moss growing everywhere and, all of the puddles were huge and deep and numerous.

We are used to 4 wheeling alone but after having gone in a group, it's obvious what was missing. I really enjoy having a trail leader out front on the CB guiding us. There was so many picture opportunities missed by being alone. It would have been great to see the action shots, especially crossing Coney Flats Lake.

We stopped when we came to the Coney Flats lake. There was a gathering of young, skinny pants wearing, hipsters, driving Jeeps and one K5. They seemed like good kids but, I'm getting old. I wasn't sure if we should turn back or not, it looked very deep. One of the Jeeps was a stock Cherokee on 235's but everything else was lifted more then us. We decided to watch the others cross and then decide. My daughter noticed the little Cherokee and told me if they make it, we have to too. They made it, and so did we but, it was definitely the deepest thing we've ever crossed.

The weather was perfect. Cool but nice. It alternated between sun and sprinkles and we must have seen a half dozen different rainbows. A great trip, but a lonely one. Hope to make it out with RS against soon.

85 4Runner

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