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Our thanks to Dave for another great event and for Travis leading on Poughkeepsie Gulch.

Sarah and I joined Andrew and Travis for Poughkeepsie Gulch on Saturday. It was a fun day.

There is a spot that has been giving people trouble. I saw Travis try and end up using a winch point. So I saw a potential other line to the left. Half way up I changed my plan of attack (mistake) and went more to the left (even though Sarah suggested the other way) I slid a bit to left and my drivers side went down putting me at an uncomfortable angle, so I backed off and the angle became worse. I might have been able to back down, but Travis being the perfect Trail leader decided I should hook my winch to the winch point and he put a strap on my slider should I slip more to the left.

First shot is trying the line and then the recovery

BUT THEN, I made it up the regular spot without needing to be winched. So did Sarah. Both 100's made it up and the 80's needed a winch But in fairness to Travis, he could have made it, he was just being conservative with the family in the truck.

3rd shot is Sarah going up

Big props to Travis for leading and also taking the conservative approach in a situation to ensure no damage and safety of everyone involved
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