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First, I'd like to thank Dave and Idelle for all their work on this trip.

Second, I'd like to thank all the Cruisers for their welcoming of myself, my wife Jen, and my son Blake on our first trail runs with Rising Sun. In fact, this was our first trail run experience in our '94 80 that we purchased about a week and a half ago. We appreciated your safe guidance and wheeling advice/suggestion. We had a GREAT time. I took a couple hundred photos and have posted them to flickr... amazing scenery... to hard to pick just six to post up direct.

Saturday was a fun run up Governor/Yankee Boy. It was great to feel out the cruiser.

Sunday was even better! Black Bear was a BLAST and enjoyed hitting my first obstacles up and down Black Bear. After coming down Imogene, I was anxious to see what the 80 could do. Steve was gracious enough to take me up Poughkeepsie and over Corkscrew... Oh my... that was AWESOME! Learned so much... and, so much more to learn. Made it up Poughkeepsie without winching thanks to the GREAT spotting by Steve ... Brittany caught it on video... cant wait to see it. I'd like to see an 80 make it up the left most obstacle... Not sure of the names... I went up the right obstacle (the one Steve is pictured going up in the Poughkeepsie album). Really enjoyed some of the other rock challenges on the way to the lake. Look forward to going back and doing it again and learning other lines!

Ouray 2013: Governor Basin/Yankee Boy:

Ouray 2013: Black Bear/Imogene Pass

Ouray 2013: Poughkeepsie/Corkscrew

Thanks again everyone! Look forward to cruisin with you again and soon!
Matt Anderson
1994 FZJ80
Denver, CO

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