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Originally Posted by jonharis View Post
I'm in. Really looking forward to this! Looks like an incredible lineup and great route possibilities! Let me know what I can bring to help things out. I have two ReStop personal lavatory systems, the complete system with the tent enclosure. I'm happy to bring one or both and be responsible for setup/teardown on nights where they are required. Are there any active fire bans in WY right now? I could bring a Campfire-in-a-Can as well. And Fireball, Yeah, Fireball.

Again, looking forward to revisiting old friends and making some new ones.

Jonathan Harris
We don't have to worry about this group not lining the ReStop bucket before making a deposit. These fellas are a little more seasoned than some of the 100s in the Hills group. Setup/Tear down should be a clean breeze.

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