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More Changes:

Colorado Connection users,

Some recent changes to the Connection repeater system are:

Grand Junction is back on the air with a new Kenwood repeater and a new antenna repositioned on the tower, thanks to Dave/KA0YDW & John/W0IG!

The link from Colorado Springs has a bit more power going to Mt. Thorodin, thanks to Jim/N0WGQ, John/W0IG and Dave/KA0YDW!

A major overhaul at the Mt. Thorodin site has taken place in the last few weeks thanks to the RMham group of volunteers. Virtually every piece of equipment, radio, antenna, feedline, etc has been updated. The group has installed a totally new antenna system to be known as the Ted Allison, N0NKG (SK) "N"ever "K"iss "G"orillas memorial antenna system purchased and donated by Doug/K2AD. The site has been tweaked and massaged to a super level of performance in spite of a significant noise floor that exists at the site.

Be sure to express your gratitude to members of the RMham Group for all their work at the 145.31 repeater. Also be sure to thank Doug/K2AD for his generous donation and hard work!

Be sure to test these recent changes and give us your feedback.
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