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I'll confess. I bought a '99 locked the day before the Rally. I got lost at Discount Tire about 10 minutes after I drove it out of the seller's driveway. Somehow some 285/75r16 Duratracs ended up on there. Conveniently, my brother now works at Slee. The downside to that is that I've seen ALL SORTS OF GOODIES that I MUST now own. It will be my DD/long range mobile. The 40 will still see a LOT of trail time, and I love driving it around town.

The 100 will be getting the Slee 2.5" heavy kit, and I'll stick with the 285/75's for a bit. Front locker, bumpers, winch, skids, roof rack/RTT are already on the short list. Drawers at some point, but I'm trying to decide on some nice wood ones, or $8,000,000,000 metal ones.

(P.S. The gold trim is already gone. I couldn't stand it.)

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