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Default Relocating to Colorado

Hello all, my name is Mike and I plan on relocating to Colorado as the title says. I've been living in NC most of my life, regularly traveling throughout the country, and have decided that enough is enough and it's time to take a leap of faith and move to the state I most love. I'll be arriving in December. For the past decade I've wanted to make this move and finally the time is right, although I have no job lined up and just a handfull of couches to surf for a while.
Currently I'm a member of TLCA, Olde North State Cruisers, and BRC. In recent years LandCruisers have become my addiction consuming most of my free time and all my money but I love it and wouldn't change a thing. I was in attendance at Cruise Moab 2012, mostly hanging out with the Gotham City crowd, and had the time of my life. Many thanks for putting on such a great event and I hope I will be able to join your ranks soon, and help put on such events of course.
I look forward to chatting with and eventually meeting some of you. And I'd greatly appreciate any leads on employment, as well as suggested locations on where to reside. I'm not much of a city person and prefer smaller towns with space to breath. My background is mostly in landscape management but I have a strong mechanical ability and I learn most trades very quickly. The past two years I've been managing the restoration of a 1920's horse farm. I'm open to anything that pays right now so I can keep my feet on the ground until I find a more permanent situation.

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