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Originally Posted by TheDoc View Post
New to wheeling in CO. Just purchased a 94 FJZ80. Need some legit tires for our rocky terrain. I have a 2-3 lift. Currently running 285/75/16. I would like to stay with that size... I think I have plenty of clearance for the type of cruisin I will be doing so I do not really want to go to 35". Cant justify paying $300+ for Toyos. I have heard mixed opinions on the BFG KM2s... Debating the Goodyear DuraTrac ($223 each) or MT/R Kevlar ($270 each). I'm worried about sidewall strength. Is the kevlar worth it? Any other tires with longstanding success that I should be considering. I just want a strong, reliable all around "aggressive" off-road tire. This will not be my daily driver. However, I will be driving it on road occasionally for fun and of course on the road to and from trails near and far. I appreciate your advice!
DuraTracs probably the best and most widely used for both everyday Colorado driving and your weekend trips off the pavement. KM2s are tried and true, but I think the DuraTracs do better in the snow and actually grip better off road. The MT/Rs don't balance well, not a lot of great feedback on those.

I am running Maxxis BigHorns, and have to admit they are not the best for snow but I love the look and off road capability. So I drive more careful int he snow and talk louder on the cell phone, lol.
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