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Default Jenny Creek Workday 9/7/13

I just got back in town from camping up on Rollins Pass Road this weekend and doing the Jenny creek workday and wanted to start a thread to say THANKS!!!

We had 12 people participate including Paulo's son and got a TON of work done. Several of us camped Friday night and were treated to nice shelter under Mike's rig as it POURED. Eventually it stopped and we had a nice night including a killer night run on Jenny Creek. Next morning, 4 Forest Service folks met us up in Rollinsville at 9 and after rounding up a few more we headed up to start work. While I headed down to get the crew in Rollinsville, the folks back at camp cleaned up the site where we camped which was probably one of the worst trashed campsites i'd seen in a while. You guys correct me if I am wrong, but you collected 8 full bags of trash not including a full tent and lots and lots of burnable bits. Even a toilet paper covered pee area was cleaned up and perhaps the grossest part was the poop on the camp chair.

The first section of trail that we worked on was the lower part of Jenny Creek where it splits off of the road.. we re did some torn down buck and rail there and drug slash onto the route. After finishing there, a group ran Jenny Creek with two of the rangers to do signage and cleanup as a second group headed up to the top to do more buck and rail and post and cable repair. At about 3 Kevin and Scott set up the taco bar and we all went to town. Man that stuff was good. Thanks you guys for getting all that and setting it up for us, that was killer.

I'll post up the details in a bit but again I just wanted to start the thread to thank those folks that showed up and supported the effort. We really did a lot of work and the rangers were stoked we were able to get so much done. They were really really appreciative at the end of the day and commented that they really enjoyed working with our group. We put up 28 buck pieces, 37 rails and who knows how many spikes were hammered in.

I didn't get any pictures, but have already seen some other folks took some so post them up and tell us about it!

Thanks again,
Marco Capote
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