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Default York OBA build

Just went to the junkyard and snagged a York 210 compressor for onboard air. I know that this has been documented at length elsewhere, but I figure I might be able to get some advice during the build, assuming others might have already been through this. Its going on to a Chevy 4.3 V6, but really this should be an engine-agnostic project.

BTW, I *believe* AA Auto Parts has more of these for $25 right now, in case others are interested.

So far I've ordered a serpentine style clutch, a coalescing filter and a 160 psi gauge. I'm thinking, right now, that I'll try my hand at building my own bracket (my second welding project!). I thought about purchasing a kit, but the York I found has the discharge on the wrong side and I'm stuck mounting it upright. And its a nice challenge. This is what I'm trying to duplicate:

On that note, does anyone know where I can get some 1/4" plate cut? I might be able to use my cutoff wheel, but I'm thinking a plasma cutter could be a better tool for the job.
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