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Originally Posted by TheDoc View Post
Thanks Chris! Those are nice looking tires. When you need your next set are you sticking with the Bighorns?

You find some wheels for your trailer? I hope my post on your WTB thread is not viewed as thread jacking. I'm new to the forum stuff so if I violated any etiquette on that one I'll delete my post. If you get bombarded with offers for 16" 80 series wheels and you get what you need, let them know you know someone looking for wheels.

Hi Matt,

Welcome to the Rising Sun forum, also! No worries on posting here, we are a bit more laid back than some other sites.

I am good on wheels, we were able to find a hub adapter to go from 5 on 5 to 5 on 150mm, so able to use 2 100 series wheels to match my LC. Thanks Tim for breaking up your set!!

Also, I am actually sticking with the Bighorns again. Since I need 2 trailer wheels and I want them to match, so I only carry one spare, I am buying 3 new Bighorns and with new spare will have 4 new tires.

Kind of thinking of having the inner tread siped. I think that makes them wear a bit faster but might make a real difference in the snow.
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