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Originally Posted by Romer View Post
My accessories are wired to my Aux battery including always on power outlets and the fridge. This was If I stay in one place for a while I don't need to worry about running down the primary. Won't that work for you?
I did a basic dual battery set up. And honestly, I am a novice beyond installing a ceiling fan in the house when it comes to wiring. For convenience, I left everything connected to my starting battery and connected a one way silenoid to my back up battery. So it get's a charge but nothing is pulling on it.

I figured I could use it to jump start the main battery with jumper cables and that met my minimum needs.

Now I am thinking it would be nice to bring LED light string with tiki lights for camping and I am trying to figure out what I need. I like Tim's suggestion, but was hoping for a lower cost. writing this I just realized I have an old 2 plug cigerette adapter somewhere....

I could probably just use that for now!
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